Public and private Finance

Traditionally, one of the principal functions of government is to provide goods and services that the private sector is unable or unwilling to provide such as public infrastructure.  Having adequate and serviceable highways and roads, drainage facilities, fire/police stations, airports and seaports, water/wastewater facilities and parks are essential to a growing and vital economy.

Key questions facing governmental entities in the planning and construction of public infrastructure are often: How do we pay for it?  Can it be financed?  In today’s climate of scarce public resources, the development of creative approaches often involving combinations of different revenue sources has become increasingly necessary.  Summit Economics provides a wide range of municipal finance analytical services to both public sector entities and private developers (as public infrastructure is increasingly being financed via public-private partnerships) to help answer these important questions.

Services offered include:

  • Financial feasibility analysis
  • Capital improvements planning and programming
  • Urban renewal and redevelopment
  • Special districts
  • Debt management
  • Development of plans of finance
  • Public-private partnerships