Public Policy

In today’s global market, competitive realities are only part of the fundamental environment organizations must address.  While Summit often assists the private sector in educating the public sector on business and industry challenges, current day challenges increasingly place the firm in a distinctive position to assist local and state governments in finding solutions to the complex public policy issues they now face.

Today’s economic realities have created a myriad of new and different challenges for governmental entities in a wide range of policy areas including financial planning, taxation, intergovernmental relations, land use, and economic development.  The partners at Summit Economics bring a unique knowledge base and skill set in assisting its public sector clients in developing creative and efficient solutions that best meet the needs of the communities they serve.

Specific areas in which we assist in public policy formulation and decision-making include:

  • Regulatory impacts
  • Fiscal sustainability
  • Tax policy
  • Economic development strategies
  • Intergovernmental/regionalization
  • Fiscal impact analysis
  • Land use and annexation
  • Industry regulation/deregulation
  • Long-range financial planning and forecasting
  • Water resource management
  • Utilities management