Urban & Real Estate Economics

This arena of economic analysis incorporates efforts ranging from metro-area urban growth patterns, to absorption and pricing segmentation for specific markets and real estate types, to neighborhood redevelopment and planning, to individual real estate project feasibility.  Clients are typically real estate developers, urban renewal authorities and local governments embarking on major capital expenditures and investment.

Summit gets involved early in project development to assess location, risk, infrastructure, project design and pricing.  Most commonly we forecast the trajectory of specific urban and real estate markets for rezoning, developer and investor due diligence analysis and public investment.  Our expertise also extends to facility and land development micro-economics including analysis associated with resource conservation, value engineering, project scaling and phasing and land use mix to balance project cost and potential economies of scale with value and risk.

Typical projects include:

  • Market Research
  • Project Feasibility
  • Location Analysis
  • Absorption and Pricing Analysis
  • Urban Growth Patterns for Planning
  • Downtown and Commercial Redevelopment
  • Project Design Cost and Benefits
  • Buyer/Renter Profiles
  • Value Engineering
  • Operating and Capital Cost Analysis
  • Facility Master Planning